Our work

Personal Reputation Clean Up Case

Here’s a case of cleaning up a personal reputation for a film producer listed on IMDb. The negative links were successfully moved from page one to page two of the Google search results.

Negative link moved from 6th to 10th position

We’re not magicians. You could expect more notable results, but actually no one on the Net can do it better. Big reputation management firms (like Reputation.com, StatusLabs, etc.) charge more for the same or even less results.

3 Negative URLs Suppressed in 2 Months

There was a spike of negative search results in the middle of our work, but finally all the negatives are suppressed even before the deadline.

A case completed well before the deadline

This case is for suppressing a negative publication at lawlink.com

It was successfully completed well before the deadline (26th of October) due to our postings of new positive web assets and lifting them up. The negative URL lost seven positions in the Google search results, and went to the page two.

Very Effective Reputation Clean Up Case

We’ve successfully suppressed two authority negative links from Google page one to page two well before the end date.

Reputation Management for an Attorney

First result was achieved just in 8 days. Such success is achieved not only by link building, but also by placing of new, positive content.

Reputation Management Case for a Human Capital Company

This case has two negative search results: at ripoffreport.com and gao.gov. Despite of the high authority of the .gov TLD, we completed this case ahead of schedule.